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Jaime Salgado

Socio Auditoría y Riesgo

Professional experience

He has participated in works such as Due Diligence, expert reports, fraud investigation and operational and management audits.
In the field of IFRS, he carried out work on the diagnosis and implementation of these standards in companies in various fields.
He has been a training instructor in various Seminars and Technical Courses for internal and external professionals.
The companies in which he has developed his professional work, through the different positions and levels in his professional career, both in the areas of Financial Audit and Risk Advisory Services belong to the banking sector, transport such as railways and airlines, mining, higher education, productive, forestry, wine, automotive, construction and retail.
the Tax Law Yearbook at Universidad Diego Portales.

Profile and studies

Accountant Auditor of the Escuela de Contadores Auditores de Chile.
Accountants. He has 30 years of experience, 11 of which he performed at Ernst & Young (EY),
where he held various positions in his professional career as well as the firm BDO in which he served as Financial Audit Manager and Risk Advisory Services during 7 years.

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Alfredo Orellana

Audit Manager

Santiago de Chile

Professional experience

During his professional career, he has participated in a significant number of Financial Statement Audits, in many business areas, such as industrial, commercial, services and mining. He also has other work experiences such as Due Diligence, fraud and convergence investigation and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS or NIIF, for its acronym in Spanish).

Among the outstanding clients that he has been responsible for attending, in terms of audits of financial statements, we can mention: Nexans (ex Madeco), Grupo Etex (Pizarreño), Man Filter (J Riveros), Grupo Airlife, Agrocommerce S.A. and Constructora Remavesa.

In terms of IFRS, he contributed to the convergence of financial statements and implementation of new regulations in clients such as: ENAMI, Vidrios Dell Orto, Sociedad Del Canal del Maipo, Eléctrica Puntilla, Grupo Sencorp, Hoteles NOI, Grupo Díaz Cumsille, among others.


Profile and studies

Public Accountant (CPA) and Auditor from the Universidad de las Américas.

He has a professional experience of more than 10 years, which were developed in Audit firms such as BDO, Mazars, RSM and Kreston. In these firms he entered as an assistant auditor reaching managerial levels.

In addition, he has participated in various technical courses and trainings related to the profession.